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Water Leak Detection

Just because you can't see a water leak, doesn't mean it's not there. An overlooked leak can be detrimental in the long-run. In addition to damaging surrounding areas, leaking water poses a serious safety risk- especially when below the surface. Above the surface, stagnant pools attract insects and breed mildew and mold. Not only are these costly to remove, they also harmful to your health. Even more, leaks waste water and hike up your bills.

Do You See Water?

Innovative Technology

By getting to the root of a water leak, we can catch the problem early and minimize the damage. Our plumbers utilize the latest, most innovative water leak detection technologies to accommodate all types of pipes, including plastic, cast-iron and metallic. Using audio technologies and vibrations, we specialize in leak detection under the surface. Even better, our methods don't disrupt the surface and leave your property unscathed.

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Do you have frozen pipe? or need water leak repair?

Our plumbers are trained to administer water line repair and frozen pipes on a need basis. Interior pipe leaks may be caused by clogged pipes from buildup or foreign objects. Our interior leak repair services include drains, toilets, showers, sinks, faucets, dishwashers and garbage disposals. Exterior leaks are typically caused by frozen pipes or water use prior to pipe thawing. Our exterior leak repair services include sewer lines, to drain lines and sewer lines. No matter which plumbing pipe is troubling you, we have the expertise to help.

The Roto-Rooter Guarantee

Call the Water Detection Experts

Pipe leak repair and detection can be disruptive and costly. Allow our specialists at Roto-Rooter to employ advanced methods that get the job done both affordably and efficiently.

If you are seeking a reliable, affordable service for your drain or plumbing issues, then put your trust in the company that has built its reputation by standing behind every job for over 80 years -- Roto Rooter. Roto-Rooter serves most of NJ including the following towns and surrounding areas.

Our comprehensive detection service is reliable, efficient and affordable.

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